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We use the best technology and solutions in the industry to ensure we provide the best service.

About our Datacenter:

We use Nedzone datacenter in Steenbergen, Netherlands which is very modern, well-organised, which can even be called state-of-the-art.

A few main features of the Nedzone datacenter:


The Nedzone is surveilled 24 hours a day by means of a CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), which registers anything and anyone in and around the datacenter. In order to reach the Spango Internet room you will receive a PAC (Proximity Access Card). With this keycard you can only enter the Spango Internet room, the other doors cannot be opened with this keycard. In case of an emergency engineers and guards are present 24 hours a day to solve the problem.

Emergency Power Equipment (UPS):

The Nedzone has been equipped with an entire wall of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems. In case of a power cut these UPS systems supply the data centre with power for 45 minutes. In the mean time the three diesel generators are started which can supply the data centre with power for 48 hours. The data centre also has a load bank which can test the UPS at any moment without risking a loss of power.

Air-conditioning (Climate Control):

The air-conditioning system (better called climate control) has been carried out redundantly and keeps the temperature on the data floor at a constant temperature of 21° C with a margin of 2° C. The air humidity is regulated as well: it is kept between 50% and 10%. Climate control contributes to a longer life of your and our equipment.

Fire Detection and Prevention:

The Nedzone has been equipped with an Aspiration Fire Dectection System which has been linked to VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus). In case of smoke detection a fire extinguishing system will not be activated automatically, but instead there are manual CO2 fire extinguishers throughout the building; within ten minutes guards will be present to extinguish the fire.

A few main features of the Evoswitch datacenter:

1)Fully 2N equipped

2)100% green energy

3)25 MVA current capacity (expansion up to 60 MVA)

4)Redundant cooling ACU (2N)

About our Network:

A few main features of our Network:

1)Fiber Diversity - Dual fully diverse fiber paths, building entry points, and in-building riser.
2)The network contains the best connections like: AMS-IX, NL-IX, TiNET, NTT, Zayo, Seabone, EDPnet, Cogent, Kaia Global etc.
3)Redundant Core Routing | Cisco CRS-3 & Juniper MX-960 3D.

Network Details:


TestIP(IPV6): 2a04:b040::2373:39d

About our Servers:

A few main features of our Servers:

1)We use latest Intel CPUs like E3-1230, E3-1240, E3-1270 etc.
2)We have redundent uplinks and therefore we offer 99.99% network uptime.
3)All the servers are placed on secure racks with redundant power supply.